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We offer several solution based services in order to differentiate ourselves from the competition.


CLOUD LOGIC enhances SMP's Product offering by bringing its MAnufacturing Execution Systems (MES) technology to the cloud.  Furthering the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), SMP's CLOUD LOGIC strives to be the standard in cloud-based pharmaceutical manufacturing process control.  CLOUD LOGIC is disruptive technology that will bring pharmaceutical manufacturers to the forefront of industrial production.  CLOUD LOGIC utilizes several groundbreaking technologies and design concepts.  Firstly, CLOUD LOGIC begins with a design concept that expands the traditional MES layer to render the standard SCADA and ERP systems obsolete by integrating all processes into one system.  Second, by utilizing propietary SoftPLC technology, there is an elimination of the typical one (1) to one (1) mapping layer, which allows for a disparate mix of sensors and controllers to be used in a synergistic way.  Third, the CLOUD LOGIC system is highly customizable which allows for more seamless integration from the component to the user and gives real-time monitoring capability and control from the cloud.  Finally, the enhanced technology allows for interoperability across a plurality of sub-systems, thereby allowing pharmaceutcal manufacturing enterprises to integrate new and legacy systems piecemeal or all at once, depending on specific needs.

For information about CLOUD LOGIC, please click here.



Latin for "Rebirth".  RENOVATIO strives to be the standard in pharmaceutical manufacturing process control.  RENOVATIO is a fully-integrated system that manages every step of the pharmaceutical manufacturing process from raw materials receipt to the final drug product.  RENOVATIO covers the key aspects of pharmaceutical manufacturing including comprehensive process and system management, master batch records, process execution, continuous real-time quality monitoring, historical tracking, anti-counterfeiting measures, product pedigrees, failure analysis, risk-based assessments, and real-time reports to business units.  Our proprietary interface and integration architechure allows RENOVATIO to transform standard manufacturing facilities into state-of-the-art, scalable, fully-integrated pharmaceutical manufacturing plants in a cost-effective manner.  This allows are clients to improve quality and reliability of their drugs, increase throughput and production efficiency, and reduce total cost of ownership.  Additionally, RENOVATIO provides a historic record feature which produces much more than archived data.  Our propietary data analysis methods allow data to be analyzed in real time to provide risk based assessment and failure mitigation during the manufacturing process.

For information about RENOVATIO, please click here.


Latin for "New Thing".  RES NOVAtm is our second generation technology utilizing functional nanomaterials to monitor and execute the pharmaceutical manufacturing process.  Our propietary "hybrid approach" to interfacing nanomaterials to pharmaceutical processes provides high-level consistency for our manufacturing clients.  Our goal at SMP Logic Systems is to bring RES NOVAtm into the forefront of pharmaceutical manufacturing process control and quality control systems.  

For more information on RES NOVAtm please click here.   


A one of a kind intelligent execution system specifically for vaccine manufacture.  Intellivax integrates all apsects of vaccine manufacturing to allow manufacturers to produce high-quality consistent vaccines.  Intellivax offers several features including comparative analysis tools to compare previous batches and allow for a risk-based assessment in case of quality deviation.  Utilizing the historic record provides an "intelligent" perspective to manufacturing.  Over time Intellivax teaches itself and modifies the vaccine manufacturing process to obviate previous failures while at the same time continuously monitoring for new or potential failures.  Intellivax can be modified to conform to any vaccine process.  Whether you wish to integrate or monitor upstream processes, cell harvest or product separation processes, downstream processes, formulation or fill processes, or a combination therof SMP Logic Systems will work with you to master your vaccine manufacturing processes.  Depending on the system configuration, Intellivax may also work with plasmid (DNA) systems.

For more information on Intellivax, please click here.



A revolutionary design to pharmaceutical dosage forms.  The SMARTDOSEtm platform utilizes the advantages of functional nanomaterials to monitor several aspects of quality in final formulations from all points between the manufacturer and the end user.  Our products offer several unique advantages over existing products currently being used.  For example, SMARTDOSEtm allows monitoring of quality at all points through the supply chain, specially adapted dosage forms for cold-chain management, and serialization requirements satisfying the recently enacted DSCSA. 

For more information about our SMARTDOSEtm products, please click here.  


SMP's INDUSTRIAL CLOUD service(s) allow pharmaceutical manufacturers and thier manufacturing providers to seamlessly transition into the cloud.  Furthering the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), SMP's INDUSTRIAL CLOUD services assist pharmaceutical manufacturers in designing appropiate scale systems to bring pharmaceutical production into the cloud while keeping costs contained and quality high.  The INDUSTRIAL CLOUD representatives work hand-in-hand with pharmaceutical enterprises to close the "technology gap" between new and legacy systems by first creating a clear manufacturing vision for our clients.  This, in turn, allows pharmaceutical manufacturers to avoid making decisions in isolation and thus each project works synergistically to maximize the end goal.  SMP's knowledge based allows pharmaceutical manufacturers to update and modernize all aspects of the manufacturing process, including process and systems management, continuous real-time quality monitoring, process control, track-and-trace solutions, and real time reporting to business units.  The result is a pharmaceutical production capability working globally in the INDUSTRIAL CLOUD.

For more information about INDUSTRIAL CLOUD services, please click here



A unique software application delivery model developed by SMP Logic Systens that provides a web-native software application that hosts and operates other SMP Logic Systems products for use by our clients over the Internet.  Clients do not pay for owning the software itself but rather for using it. In most instances, clients use it through an API accessible over the Web.  However, customization for internal use is also available.

SMP Logic Systems Pharis® is a viable alternative to obtain the same benefits of our commercially licensed, internally operated software without the associated complexity and upfront cost.

Pharis key characteristics include:
Multi-tenant architecture
Network-based access to and management of SMP Logic Systems software products
Activities are managed from central locations rather than at each client's site, enabling clients to access applications remotely via the World Wide Web

Pharis advantages:
Centralized feature updating, which obviates the need for downloadable patches and upgrades.
A client can monitor global manufacturing operations
Well trusted and transparent security

For more information on Pharis®, please click here - Pharis



The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry requires a great deal of specific knowledge.  Installing new systems and "bootstrapping" existing systems is a significant part of our business.

Here are some services we may offer:

- Consulting on IT related matters involving pharmaceutical manufacturing systems
- Product implementation
- Product training and support
- Licensing technology with support
- Technology licensing

Our products offer several unique advantages over current industry products:

 - Product pedigrees
 - Anti-counterfeiting measures
 - Compliance with 21 C.F.R. Part 11
 - Historical records
 - Propietary data analysis methodology
 - Cold-chain compliance
 - Risk-based assessment in case of manufacturing failures
 - Supply Chain Management

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